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Live in another country that is not yours

por en Temas de Interés
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Living in another country is a very enriching experience both mentally and emotionally. The progression as a person, or even professionally are some of the reasons why it is advisable to travel abroad and move in a city that meets all the requirements for you to live in it.

The countries of northern Europe are the best in quality of life, so in welfare and economic considerations are concerned, but the climate has to like you a lot, because the changes are very common climactic.

However, if you are looking for a warm climate, a great variety of environments, characters and cultures, we recommend that you move to the south of Europe. There you will find good plates of food, healthy and balanced, as well as joy and party for a long time.

The sun will accompany you every day, yes, if you decide to buy  house in Alella or any coastal city in Spain, Italy or country that meets your requirements.

But ... what are the requirements that are usually sought to move to another country or city?

• The processing of an immigration application must be done only before the corresponding instances (embassies or consulates). Private agencies, legal firms or managers, often facilitate consular procedures and provide specialized management of the procedures.

However, the interested party must personally carry out each step of the exit process, as the immigration authorities so require.

• It is convenient to prepare the basic documentation with sufficient time, at least 6 months before applying for the visa. The processing of some papers may take weeks or even months.

• It is recommended to handle the information on the progress of the process with prudence and discretion, since there is no guarantee of approval and it always takes many months, even years, the definitive answer. In addition, hasty decisions should be avoided. For example, until you receive the approval of the corresponding visa, you must not give up work or sell or distribute the goods.

• The search for information about the destination country must be maintained throughout the process. The more useful data are obtained, the more possibilities there will be to achieve effective integration.

• It is very helpful to continue studying the languages ​​of the country of destination during the long wait for the approval of a visa. Language is the key to integration and job search.

• A good occupation for the future immigrant during the waiting months of the approval of the visa is to do "networking on-line". Establish contact with other immigrants who have already lived the experience or who are already established in the country of destination.

In that sense, the Forum of is very useful, because it is an interactive section full of advice, recommendations and life examples of users who share with great generosity their personal experiences and their views on immigration.

• Some integration specialists say that the best months of the year to undertake the final departure from the country of origin, are those after the most important family or religious holidays, because during those times people are usually very sensitive and have the courage, in general, very vulnerable to leave.

A good advice is to travel after the Christmas and New Year celebrations, or after celebrating an important family birthday, such as that of the parents or of the person concerned. It is also recommended to avoid the winter months to reach the new country. Spring and summer are usually the privileged stations to start life in the chosen destination.

• The procedures must be started with time. The required documentation must also be translated into the language of the country of destination, as well as registered and legalized.

• Convenient backup copies of all personal documents in photocopy or digital scan format. Original documents must not be delivered to the consulate or immigration advisers. Only copies must be provided.



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