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El flúor un mineral fundamental para la salud

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Fundamental to our body Fluorine is a mineral found in the body in very similar to the iron Percentages.

This is a vital substance for overall bone structure Particularly teeth. However, Both deficit and excess fluoride can be harmful.

It is well Known That Protects teeth fluoride Having shown That it is the only substance That Has effective protection by Promoting remineralization of the tooth, Improving the resistance to acids and not Allowing the formation of the so-called plaque.

Your recommended daily intake being 10 mg about health benefits. per day for an adult, this can cause health problems Exceeding dose.

It is possible to consume foods container container containing fluorine Such as sardines, salmon and cod, plus green leafy vegetables, potatoes, whole grains, oranges and chicken among others.

The lack of fluoride Usually the appearance of causes tooth decay and bone fragility, but it Should be NOTED That can not be overstated consumption.

In Addition, fluoride is a highly toxic substance abuse Have serious health problems can.

The degrees of toxicity ranging from acute type When excessive consumption has-been done in a single dose and chronic toxicity When Should That abuse due to constant intake accumulation OCCURS Usually water consumption With an excess fluorine.

Symptoms That May prove poisoning are similar to any other That produced by substance: such as vomiting, abdominal pain and in some cases muscle spasms and seizures.

It is clear That Can not Be Reached through consumption of food poisoning Because They Contain Amounts fluorine but in too low.

This is why it is not recommended to take fluoride supplements without specific medical indication, as the health damage can be severe and irreversible Sometimes.



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